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Do you work with adolescents? Use Yuva Yoga to develop and implement a yoga-based approach to promote mental health and wellbeing among young people.

Many young people suffer from chronic stress and other issues that inhibit the functioning (and indeed the development) of the prefrontal cortex, and this also affects their intrinsic motivation to engage in any activity. In short, unless their well-being is addressed, they cannot engage effectively.

Yuva Yoga support these issues by promoting well-being of young people through the practice of a range of techniques derived from yoga. You can use the app to use these techniques in your classroom or your activities with adolescents. Also, we recommend that you use this app under the supervision of a yoga teacher.

Yuva Yoga is part of the European Project “HIPPOCAMPUS – Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing among Young People through Yoga” funded by European Union through Erasmus Plus Programme (Spanish Agency).